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Carl Mestdagh

Chairman of the Board

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Carl Mestdagh is chairman of the board at KitoZyme but also CEO at Equilis and Chairman at Mestdagh SA and Ascencio .


application in UCL Law, Mgt in Human Resources St Louis Bxl, Special License in Taxation HEC St Louis Bxl



  • SDWorx
  • Member of the Management Committee and Director of Mestdagh SA
  • Founder of Ascencio SCA (SIR, Euronext listing) and EQUILIS SA (promotion and real estate development) in 2007
  • CEO Equilis SA
  • Currently Executive Chairman of Equilis Europe SA

Other functions:

  • President Mestdagh SA
  • President Ascencio SCA
  • President KitoZyme SA
  • Administrator Quality Assistance
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François Blondel


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Mr. François Blondel is the CEO and Managing Director of KitoZyme. Having graduated in both Law and Science Economics, he nowadays combines his executive functions (as CEO of KitoZyme and Executive Chairman of KiOmed Pharma) with non-executive board memberships, either as Chairman of the Board or as an independent board member.

The companies in which he either is active or was up until recently active range from SMEs and spin-offs, such as OncoDNA, NANOCYL and Delphi GENETICS, which are active in the technology, medical or healthcare sectors to major listed companies, including RECTICEL or Compagnie du BOIS SAUVAGE and public authorities, such as AWEX, AMONIS and BioWIN.

As an entrepreneur, he has (co)founded several start-ups and gained broad experience in the management of innovationdriven companies. He began his career in the chemical sector and this involved him undertaking assignments both in the United States and in Europe. In 1999, he joined International Brachytherapy (IBt), which is an oncology medical device start. He served as CEO, leading IBt, an NYSE-Euronext stock listed company, from its R&D stage to a successful and well-diversified international group that became a European leader in its market segment.

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Gery Lefebvre

Investment Manager at SRIW SA

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Gery Lefebvre has several non-executive memberships in biotech start-ups/spin-offs and companies that are active in the life sciences and industrial sectors.

In 1995, Gery Lefebvre graduated in Business Administration from HEC-ULg and immediately started his career in Credit Management with Atradius and later in Corporate Banking at HSBC Paris. In 2002, he obtained a post-graduate Master in Taxation from HEC-ULg. Following this, he moved to Albemarle Europe where he was responsible for Treasury Management and Working Capital Optimization. From 2009 – 2014, he was the CFO of Belgian Advanced Technology Systems SA.

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Fabienne D'Ans

Director of the Mestdagh Group Coordination Center (Gernel SA)

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Fabienne D'Ans has been Director of the Mestdagh Group Coordination Center (Gernel SA) since 1998

Fabienne D’Ans has been Director of the Mestdagh Group Coordination Center (Gernel SA) since December 1998 and Financial Manager of the Mestdagh Group (Head of Finance, Banking Relations, Negotiations, Investments and Borrowings, Financial Investments). Directorships held during the last five years include KitoZyme and the distillery of Biercée.

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Philippe Montulet

Founder and General Administrator of Groupe Montulet SA

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Philippe Montulet is the founder and General Administrator of Groupe Montulet SA Philippe Montulet is the founder and General Administrator of Groupe Montulet SA, which specializes in stationery and digital printing.

He started his business La Papeterie Mosane in 1993 in the city center of Dinant and then settled in a larger commercial area a few years later in order to better meet the needs of his customers. In addition to traditional school stationery, Philippe Montulet has diversified by offering a wide range of products in the areas of fine arts and creative hobbies. In 2014, he started Mosan’office with B2B online sales of office supplies. Gery Lefebvre is Investment Manager at SRIW SA. Philippe Montulet has several non-executive memberships in biotech start-ups/spin-offs and companies that are active in the life sciences and industrial sectors.

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Pascal Lizin

Director of Public and Government Affairs at GSK (GlaxoSmithKline) Vaccines

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Pascal has first acquired an extended experience in Human Resources in different strategic roles and sectors such as transportation, agro-food and pharmaceuticals Since the last 10 years, as Director of Public Affairs at GSK Vaccines, he is acting as the interface between the Company and the political, economic, academic, international diplomacy, key authorities and other influential spheres in order to create a sustainable and positive environment for innovative and labour intensive company.

Acted also as special advisor of the 3 last Presidents of the GSK Global Vaccines business for Belgian activities.

  • Director of Public Affairs at GSK Vaccines
  • Chairman of  the Board of SFPI – FPIM (The Belgian Federal Holding  and Investment Company)
  • Vice-President of Essenscia and UWE (Federation of Walloon Companies)
  • Member of the Strategic Committee of ARES
  • Board Member of Sonaca SA
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Françoise Leblanc

Managing Partner - Spinventure (Meusinvest group)

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Mrs. Leblanc specializes in Biotech companies

Mrs. Leblanc specializes in Biotech companies, spin-offs and SMEs that are active in the healthcare and industrial sectors. She is also a director of KiOmed Pharma, which is the spin-out of KitoZyme, Elya, ANMI and others.

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Michel Morant

Managing Partner – TTO of University of Liège

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Dr. Michel Morant is a member of the Board of Directors of Gesval sa Dr. Michel Morant is Managing Director of the Knowledge Transfer Office of the University of Liege and University Hospital and a member of the Board of Directors of Gesval sa, which is the tech transfer company of ULiege that he has developed over the last 20 years.

He graduated as an Electrical Engineer, received a PhD in Applied Sciences, as well as an MBA from ULiege. He is also RTTP and CLP certified.

Furthermore, Dr. Morant is the current President of LIEU, which is the network of KTO’s association of Belgium. He has also previously been Vice-President of ASTP-Proton, which is the European Association of tech transfer professionals. Furthermore, he is a member of several international associations, including TII, AUTM, IASP and Curie.

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