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Vegetal chitosan for weight management solutions

Revolutionize your weight management products with our fungal chitosan biopolymer

The unique, patented and leading vegan chitosan fat binder

A unique mechanism for natural fat binder

Meeting the needs in Weight Management as a natural solution

  • Naturally-sourced & non-allergenic ingredient
  • Generally recognized as safe (GRAS) in the USA
  • Can be used or consumed by the widest possible population and many different applications

A unique mechanisme for natural fat binder

chitosan fat binder

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KiOnutrime® CsG

KiOnutrime® CsG is a chitosan-based ingredient known for its ability to bind fats efficiently, which contributes to weight management and cholesterol control. This ingredient is especially valued for its natural origin and efficacy in reducing caloric absorption from dietary fats.

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KiOslim® is designed as a natural fat binder food supplement that aids in weight management by reducing calorie intake. It effectively binds dietary fats, helping to decrease fat absorption and manage body weight, making it a popular choice in health-conscious communities.

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