About KitoZyme

20 years of expertise

KitoZyme specializes in the design, manufacturing and marketing of innovative solutions from fungal chitosan and chitin-glucan.

For over 20 years, KitoZyme, along with its subsidiaries KiOmed Pharma (focusing on Joint Health) and BiOkuris (specializing in chronic intestinal diseases ) has been a pioneer in the research and development of innovative, high-quality ingredients that enable businesses to move confidently into the age of sustainability.

Our products are backed up by over 20 years of Research & Development. And we have a solid portfolio of patents to protect our products, applications and production processes. Our team has successfully conducted a large number of safety and efficacy studies in order to deliver scientifically proven solutions to the market.

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    Years of expertise

KitoZyme is the global leader in manufacturing chitosan & chitin- glucan from fungal origin.


Thanks to its non-animal origin, the functional biopolymers open up a range of opportunities for many different industries that request to reduce or find greener alternatives of chemicals, plastic or animal- derived ingredients (consumer health, oenology, cometics and agriculture).


KitoZyme has built a strong scientific background and IP portfolio. It has expanded the range of its activities through the launch of two spin-off : KiOmed Pharma in 2014 and BiOkuris in 2021.

KiOmed Pharma develops a unique pipeline of medical devices that address unmet medical needs in high impact pathologies and major social burdens such as invalidating OsteoArthritis, skin aging and ophthalmology.

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BiOkuris develops the next generation of medical nutrition products tailored to the unmet medical needs of patients with chronic intestinal diseases such as IBD, IBS and Candidiasis.

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Committed to Sustainability

At KitoZyme, we embrace environmental challenges and develop sustainable initiatives throughout the value chain. Our basic process is resolutely environmental as it consists of the recovering of a co-product from the production of citric acid. Indeed, following the extraction of citric acid, manufacturers seek to enhance the vegetative part of the fungus, which is called mycelium. This enables us to recover hundreds of tons of mycelium in order to create a product with high added value.

KitoZyme is also continuously aiming to reduce our ecological footprint. Our engineers are passionate about discovering the best solutions and here are some of the main projects related to this issue:

  • Highly ambitious programs for the reuse of water
  • Electricity is produced thanks to solar panels installed on the entire roof of our plant

Interested in collaborating?

We are always looking for partners to co-develop and innovate in healther and greener solutions