Vegetal Chitosan

Unique, patented biopolymer from fungal origin

Why does vegetal chitosan matter?

To give some background, chitosan is a common name for the polysaccharide N-aceyl-D-glucosamine. It is a functional cationic biopolymer that is widely studied and used across the globe.

Nevertheless, its animal origin might lead to allergic reactions and this obviously restricts the opportunities as regards quantities of possible applications, patients or consumers that can benefit from it.

KitoZyme vegetal chitosan

However, KitoZyme’s outstanding innovation is able to successfully address this major dilemma. This is because we have globally patented a process to manufacture this biopolymer using a non-animal source!

Our vegetal chitosan is the first variety to be manufactured from a non-GMO, renewable fungal source on an industrial scale.

Made in Belgium under a strict quality management system ISO 13485 and HACCP, it is the only chitosan to be classified FDA-GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe). And its non-allergenic feature means that it can be used or consumed by the widest possible population and many different applications, including for vegan, halal, kosher or gluten-free consumers.

KitoZyme innovation and developement

Excellent functions

  • Natural preservative – microbiological control
  • Film-forming agent
  • Anti-oxidative agent
  • Chelation of heavy metals
  • Trapping of lipids and fatty acids
  • Encapsulation agent
  • Flocculant

Diverse applications

Beverages and Oenology

Beverages and Oenology: Our KiOfine brand offers new tools for microbiological control, the reduction of sulfites, anti-oxidation, clarification, fining and chelation of heavy metals.

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Nutraceuticals & Consumer Health

Our KiOnutrime range provides safe and efficient solutions for the treatment of obesity and overweight conditions, wound healing, scar management and hemostasis. KiOnutrime®CsG is the leading vegetable fat-binder which traps 42% of dietary fats and aims to weight loss up 6kg. 

Working closely with our Scientific Advisors and our partners, KitoZyme has developed a complete set of scientific and clinical data in order to support our own solutions for Healthcare and Beverages, or to provide to our partners for the co-development of new products.

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We are focusing heavily on researching new possible applications in the agricultural industry. This involves testing our KitoGreen range in sporting turfs, vines, legumes and vegetables. Indeed, chitosan is recognized as being a basic substance for agriculture, as an elicitor for the self-defense mechanism of crops.

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Cosmetics & Personal care

Thanks to its film-forming capacity or its antimicrobial function, our fungal chitosan is an innovative alternative to classic chemical agents or animal-derived ingredients.
KitoZyme is currently working with major players to bring these innovations to the market for consumers and we will be happy to supply our ingredients for your hair care, skin care or personal care projects.
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