Personal care solution

Unique vegetal chitosan with film-forming, antimicrobial or encapsulation properties


Chitosan is a renewable biopolymer with outstanding properties in Personal Care, Cosmetics and Home Care.

Brand owners and industries are encountering more and more difficulties with animal-derived chitosan from shrimp or crab in cosmetics applications. The reasons are mainly due to allergenicity, vegetarian or vegan products booming expectations and reliability and sustainability of the production.

  • Outstanding film-former
  • Intensive moisturi­zation
  • Skin barrier function strenght­ening
  • Conditioning and repairing effect

Wide applications and strong claims

To help cosmetics industries by developing and innovating new formulations for personal care product with natural chitosan, KitoZyme introduces KiOsmetine, a patented range of non-animal chitosan for hair care, skin care, color cosmetics, deodorant and oral care.

KiOsmetine is sourced from fungi,playing within the circular economy, valorizing co-products into high quality, high purity biopolymers, with a soft chemical extraction process. Thanks to our 20 years of pioneering experience and our state-of-the-art industrial facilities, we can guarantee a robust, consistent, high-volume supply.

Derived from mycelium of Aspergillus niger and it’s our classic. With it-s low molecular weight and deacetylation degree over 80%, it is a great film-former, a moisturizing but can also act as a natural preservative.
Derived from Agaricus bisporus, has a higher molecular weight and is an excellent ingredient to create films and hydrogels.

Other applications

Micro-encapsulation of fragrances

KiOsmetine is the perfect biopolymer to encapsulate fragrances by complex-coacervation and create non-animal, non-allergenic, biodegradable microspheres to protect people’s health and our planet.

Interested in collaborating?

We are looking for partners to create and innovate unique formulations with our KiOsmetine range!