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New range of solutions for organic plant care.

Foster plant’s growth and development

KitoGreen© range is the world’s first vegetal chitosan biostimulants and biofungicide in agriculture from non-animal and renewable source on an industrial scale.

Humans have fundamentally transformed global landscapes and shaped the distribution of plant life on earth through agriculture without any environment control or efficiency measure, KitoGreen© solutions offer a new and greener approach to all agriculture and horticulture professionals around the world. This unique fungal chitosan has a low molecular weight, which facilitates roots and foliar absorption.

Innovative solutions for Agriculture

Discover the advantages of our new solutions range
Derived from fungal Chitin, KitoGreen© has various proven effects and unrivalled advantages. Our range is an elicitor of the crop’s self-defence mechanisms. Our solutions support plant and seed resistance against pathogenic fungi and bacteria and abiotic stress factors and climatic factors.
The solutions are 100% reproducible from batch to batch and deliver excellent results compared to animal-based chitosan.
KitoGreen© Guard | The new biofungicide for Agriculture and Horticulture
KitoGreen® Guard provides great efficacy against several important diseases in various fruits and vegetable fields. Discover the proven effect and test results here!
KitoGreen© Yield | The new Fertilizing biostimulant
KitoGreen® Yield allows a superior absorption of nutrients, which also results in better rooting and growth with more chlorophyll and a plant which is more resistant to abiotic stress (e.g. drought stress).

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 875948.

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