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KitoZyme is the global leader in manufacturing Chitosan & Chitin-glucan from fungal origin. Thanks to its non-animal origin, our functional biopolymers open up a range of opportunities for many different industries that request to reduce or find greener alternatives of chemicals, plastic or animal-derived ingredients.

  • Consumer
  • Winemaking
  • Cosmetics &
    Personal Care
  • Agriculture

Redefing eco-responsible beauty Cosmetics & Personal Care solutions

To help cosmetics industries by developing and innovating new formulations for personal care product with vegan chitosan, KitoZyme introduces KiOsmetine®, a patented range of non-animal chitosan for hair care, skin care, color cosmetics, deodorant and oral care.

KiOsmetine® harnesses our unique chitosan’s ability to form a protective film for skin and hair against pollution and UV rays, providing superior hydration and gentle cleansing. This eco-certified ingredient represents a new era in skin and hair care, promoting health and beauty while minimizing environmental impact.

Your natural partner in weight management Consumer Health

KiOnutrime® CsG offers a clinically proven fat capture solution, enabling consumers to achieve their health goals without compromise. This natural, safe and effective solution supports your customers’ health journey.

Cultivate resilience, organically Agriculture uses

KitoZyme introduces KitoGreen©, the world first vegetal chitosan to be used in agriculture.   KitoGreen®, a powerful activator of natural defense mechanisms against fungal threats such as Botrytis and mildew, while promoting overall plant health and stress tolerance. This sustainable, innovative solution enables farmers to grow healthier, more resistant plants, while reducing the need for chemical pesticides.

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