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Patented biotechnology

KitoZyme is the global leader in manufacturing Chitosan & Chitin-glucan from fungal origin. Thanks to its non-animal origin, our functional biopolymers open up a range of opportunities for many different industries that request to reduce or find greener alternatives of chemicals, plastic or animal-derived ingredients.

  • Consumer
  • Winemaking
  • Cosmetics &
    Personal Care
  • Agriculture

New innovative solution for agriculture uses

KitoZyme introduces KitoGreen©, the world first vegetal chitosan to be used in agriculture. KitoGreen© is a unique and efficient biocontrol and biostimulant. Fungal chitosan has scientifically proven effects on improving the efficiency of the plant’s metabolism and increasing plant tolerance to abiotic stresses. It also facilitates nutrients absorption.

100% natural origin range for Cosmetics & Personal Care solutions

To help cosmetics industries by developing and innovating new formulations for personal care product with natural chitosan, KitoZyme introduces KiOsmetine, a patented range of non-animal chitosan for hair care, skin care, color cosmetics, deodorant and oral care.  

Ready-to-sell solutions for the Consumer Health market

Based on our vegetal biopolymers, significant microbiota knowledge and solid clinical and regulatory expertise, we are able to develop and sell scientifically-proven finished products for the gastrointestinal diseases.

New tools designed specifically for Winemakers and Beverage technologists

KitoZyme has addressed the most important concerns of the industry with our new, non-animal exclusive solutions for the reduction of sulfites, microbiological control or chelation of heavy metals.

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