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KitoZyme and DPH Biologicals Announce Strategic Partnership for Sustainable Biocontrol Solutions in the U.S.

Indianapolis, IN – June 26, 2024 –

DPH Biologicals has partnered with KitoZyme, a Belgium-based manufacturer of pharmaceutical-grade fungal chitosan, to develop and commercialize the first sustainably-sourced chitosan seed treatment technology for U.S. growers. The product, ChitoNox FC, offers a new biological crop protection alternative, effectively protecting seedlings against nematodes and soil-borne diseases.

Alex Cochran, CTO of DPH Bio, emphasized

the increasing pressure to maximize yield per acre due to extreme weather and rising pathogen pressures, coupled with the demand for sustainable inputs.

He expressed pleasure in working with KitoZyme to offer U.S. growers a sustainable biocontrol and biostimulant solution.

François Blondel, CEO of KitoZyme, highlighted

the significance of entering the U.S. market through DPH Bio, reinforcing the value of fungal chitosan as a plant-based alternative for commercial growers. This partnership signals that KitoZyme’s approach to sustainable agriculture is on the right track.

ChitoNox FC, based on KitoZyme’s EPA-registered biopesticide KitoGreen technology, is sustainably sourced from fungal biomass, outperforming traditional crustacean-derived chitosan products. It delivers three modes of action against disease: an antimicrobial effect, stimulation of plants’ natural defense systems, and formation of a protective film around seeds and roots.

Additionally, ChitoNox FC enhances root development and plant growth, crucial for crop stress resilience.

ChitoNox FC will be commercially available for the 2025 crop season.
For more information, visit DPH Biologicals.