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See fungal chitosan in action at Vitafoods Europe

At Vitafoods Europe, you’ll find countless exhibitors promising the next big thing in nutraceuticals. KitoZyme prefers to focus on what truly matters—demonstrating our leadership in fungal chitosan through real solutions that attendees can see and understand.

KitoZyme is unique in the market as a leader in fungal chitosan production, known for its versatility and proven benefits.

Discover KiOnutrime® CSG

  • Clinically supported weight management: experience the industry-leading chelating power of Kionutrime CSG, with robust clinical evidence for effective weight management. But that’s not all! Kionutrime CSG’s chelating properties open doors to exciting possibilities, like potential applications in detoxification.
  • Beyond weight management: Explore the unmatched versatility of our fungal chitosan! From food supplements and specialty health products to pet food and oral care, KiOnutrime® CSG enhances functionality and delivers real health benefits for consumers.

This year, KitoZyme is further emphasizing our commitment to understanding your unique needs. Our team, including Lidia and Steve, is dedicated to being attentive listeners and expert solution providers. We’ll collaborate closely with you to leverage the unique properties of our biopolymer and tailor solutions that enhance your nutraceutical formulations

Visit us at Booth P153

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But…also celebrating !

We are also proud to support our subsidiary, BiOkuris, a proud member of the KitoZyme family, for its dual finalist nominations at this year’s NutraIngredients Awards. Recognized for its innovative use of chitin-glucan in digestive health applications !


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