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Important announcement Renewed CE-marking for our Medical Devices for Weight Management

Here at KitoZyme, we have some very good news to share with you, which we hope will boost your professional perspectives!

Thanks to our team’s hard work, we have secured the validity of our current CE certificates for Weight Management Medical Devices until May 2025.

This means that we can build a solid and long-lasting business together, with strong approved claims in Europe.

Contact us now to to find out more about our exciting news and opportunities for licensing and distributing our innovative solutions!

Discover our complete solutions for the treatment and prevention of overweight conditions and obesity

KiOslim Weight loss Banner2
KiOslim is a class IIb medical device having the most complete action for losing weight

  • reduces availability of carbohydrates for absorption
  • lowers fat intake from diet, and
  • reduces appetite for preventing excessive eating and cravings.

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Slim MED® ADVANCED is a unique lipid binder designed to lower fat intake:

  • Binds up to 42% of dietary fat
  • Reduces the caloric intake
  • Restores a healthy energetic balance

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