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Why meet us at In-Cosmetics?


Our main goal is to reconnect with you and rediscover the world of chitosan! KitoZyme introduces KiOsmetine, a patented range of animal-free, non-GMO, vegan chitosan – exclusively made in Belgium – for Beauty, Personal care and Home care applications.


Vegetal chitosan with outstanding properties

Derived entirely from non-GMO fungi, KiOsmetine® offers a versatile range of applications, from film-forming to encapsulation, promising a greener and healthier planet.

KiOsmetine is derived from fungi, valorizing co-products into high quality and high purity biopolymers with strong claims in wide applications:

  • Film-forming
  • Conditioning
  • Gentle cleaning
  • Mucosa adhesion
  • Enamel protection
  • Fragrance encapsulation