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KitoZyme presents its new range of natural well-being products: YAW (You Are Wonderful) at CPHI Madrid

Expertise in microbiota and patented innovations


Thanks to 18 years of expertise in healthcare, YAW benefits from the considerable knowledge of the KitoZyme labs to identify, study and source innovative ingredients, as well as create exclusive blends with scientifically-proven effects.


YAW are solutions that aim to optimize the well-being of consumers while being benevolent and totally transparent regarding the composition of the products … all of which is presented

in colorful packaging that epitomizes positivity, freshness and energy.

yaw-natural ingredients

YAW products are medical devices and food supplements that have been developed with KiOnutrime-CsG®, KiOtransine® prebiotic, probiotics and other scientifically proven

effective ingredients.


Natural solutions in 6 areas


Already recognized as the leader in Weight Management, KitoZyme launches a complete range of natural well-being products called YAW (You Are Wonderful). With solutions in 6 areas, YAW promises to offer solutions to all audiences:

  • Detox
  • Slimming
  • Sleep
  • Stress
  • Gas & Bloating
  • Regularity & Constipation.

All these products are available in private label.


Latest innovation: YAW Sleep, for a deep and restful sleep

With an innovative formula included probiotics, YAW Sleep improves naturally and quickly your sleep quality.

Recent study showed excellent results:

  • 90% of people experienced improved sleep after just one week
  • 75% of subjects fall asleep in less than 30 minutes

Discover all our products in details at CPHI Madrid

Do you want to know more about our exciting products and their scientifically proofs?

Visit our booth on CPHI Madrid n° 14.1G82 or arrange a meeting sending an email at