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KitoZyme obtains EU approval for its plant protection products KitoGreen® as Basic Substance

KitoZyme, the pioneer and global leader of high-quality fungal chitosan has been granted approval for its KitoGreen® products by the European Commission as Basic Substances for Plant Protection, for multiple applications and crops.

KitoGreen® is a unique product range that has been developed by KitoZyme to offer more sustainable options for farmers who are looking for greener elicitor, antibacterial and antifungal products. KitoGreen® is patented and it is based on the valorization of co-products of the food industry, as well as being 100% non-animal, non-GMO, vegan, and non-toxic for the environment. Being primarily sold as an ingredient for Food but also as an ingredient for Cosmetics and as processing aid for Winemaking, KitoGreen was eligible to a status of Basic Substance in the European Union.

“We are delighted to obtain this approval for our chitosan derived from Aspergillus niger, with a very large panel of applications and crops. Our Regulatory Team has performed an outstanding job to achieve this objective, explains François Luthers, Chief Operations Officer. “Chitosan hydrochloride derived from shrimps was already approved, but this product is mainly made in China, and in reality, is not always meeting the specifications described in the European Regulations. We are proud to obtain an approval for the pure substance, made in Europe, with consistent specifications”.

KitoZyme has already proven the efficacy of its compound for the prevention and the treatment of fungal diseases on a wide variety of crops, including vegetables, grapes, berries, and sports turfs, and the company is continuously strengthening its scientific knowledge, as Guillaume Deleixhe, Business Development Manager, explains: “KitoZyme will further advance the science of KitoGreen®, either on a stand-alone basis or in partnerships with our customers. Besides foliar applications, we already have good data for seed treatment and we are aware that it could also be a very good fit post-harvest.”

The Belgium-based company is already working on commercial partnerships to make the product available in the coming weeks for all users across Europe.

KitoGreen technology is the world first vegetal chitosan used as next-generation basic substance for agriculture use.

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