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Discover the latest KitoZyme's innovation for weight loss at Booth K156 at Vitafoods

Planning your visit to Vitafoods Europe and interested in vegan alternative for Weight loss? Then make sure to drop by our BOOTH K156 !

Come and (re)discover KiOnutrime-CsG, the unique, patented and leading vegan chitosan fat-binder.

Chitosan is a high-performing biopolymer with unique characteristics to answer our planet’s biggest challenges. Incredible solution offered by the nature to us, biodegradable and non-toxic, it offers natural alternatives to plastics, silicones and other petro-chemical derivatives in various industries (Personal Care, Home Care or Agriculture).

Still unsure about our invitation?

Chitosan is traditionally derived from crustaceans. To propose safer, healthier and respectful solutions to consumers, we have developped a unique portfolio of vegan chitosan :

  • Manufactured with the highest quality standards in Belgium
  • Patented process offering the cleanest and the purest fungal chitosans
  • Various molecular weights and viscosities
  • Cosmos- Ecocert, Vegan and Kosher certified