Vegetal chitosan the material for the future

Chitosan is a high-performing biopolymer with unique characteristics to answer our planet’s biggest challenges.

Incredible solution offered by the nature to us, biodegradable and non-toxic, it offers alternatives solutions to plastics, silicones and other petro-chemical derivatives in various industries

Chitosan is traditionally derived from crustaceans. This animal origin limits the applications and the potential markets. Indeed, the Personal Care, Cosmetics, Medical and of course the Food & Beverages industry need to work with non-animal materials. To propose safer and respectful solutions to their consumers. We have invented and we are proudly manufacturing a unique portfolio of vegetal chitosans. All our ingredients are 100% natural origin (in compliance with ISO 16128), derived from renewable fungal sources.

  • We only use non-GMO fungal sources and we carefully select and audit the critical suppliers.
  • Our chitosan factory is a 5000 sq. meters, state-of-the-art production facility.
  • Our high-skilled staff members are trained to ensure a superior quality of chitosan.
  • Our System of Quality Management is ISO 13485 certified, but also HACCP.

  Vegan chitosan and Ecocert Cosmos Chitosan.   Our materials are 100% non-animal and can be included in vegetarian and vegan products. The chitosan is also compliant with Ecocert Cosmos finished products. The full range of our vegetal chitosan is Kosher and Halal certified.   Manufactured with the highest quality standards in Herstal, Belgium, with a patented process, we offer the cleanest and the purest fungal chitosans. We use two fungal sources to offer various molecular weights and viscosities. KitoZyme has developed analytical methods to clearly discriminate the fraudulent origins of other so-called fungal or vegetal chitosans.

A large offer of Vegetal chitosan

KitoZyme manufactures specific chitosans for 4 main industries

  • Chitosan for Oral Care, Cosmetics, Hair Care & Home Care
  • Chitosan for Wine, must and juice
  • Chitosan for Food, Functional Food & Dietary supplements
  • Chitosan for Medical Devices
  • Chitosan for Agriculture
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