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Gastrap® Direct

Get rid of gas and bloating while simultaneously restoring a healthy gut microbiota

Proven benefits of simethicone and the long-lasting effect of our prebiotic

GasTrap Direct Digestive Health Banner

Gastrap® Direct is a medical device class IIa that is used for:

  • The relief of gas-related symptoms such as a bloated feeling, flatulence and abdominal pain
  • The regularization of intestinal transit and stool evacuation
  • The normalization of the intestinal function

Scientific Evidence

94% of subjects expressed their satisfaction

Ref: Efficacy assessment of Gastrap® on intestinal troubles, Biofortis, 2016

A decrease of each gastro-intestinal symptom intensity was observed in the Gastrap group: abdominal pain/discomfort, flatulence, bloating, borborygmi and nausea.

Gastrap represents a significant development. Would you like to find out more about the many benefits it offers?