Fragrances encapsulation

Vegetal chitosan

KiOsmetine offers biodegradable and vegetal alternatives in the fragrance encapsulation

Chitosan has been widely used in the last years as it presents a great number of properties like biocompatibility, degradation and non toxicity that makes it ideal for cosmetic and pharmaceutical fields. The benefits of encapsulating fragrance molecules not only rely on enhancing the durability of the aroma but also controlling when the perfume have to be released. Brand owners and industries are encountering more and more difficulties with animal-derived chitosan from shrimp or crab in cosmetics applications. The reasons are mainly due to allergenicity, vegetarian or vegan products booming expectations and reliability and sustainability of the production. KiOsmetine can replace melamine formaldehyde technology or replace fish gelatin in complex coacervation for instance.

  • Biodegradable
  • 100% Vegetal origin according to ISO 16128
  • Non-allergenic compared to classic chitosan
  • REACH exempted
  • Non-toxic
  • Raw material verified by ECOCERT GREENLIFE, conform to the COSMOS Standard.

To help cosmetics industries by developing and innovating new formulations for personal care product with natural chitosan, KitoZyme introduces KiOsmetine, a patented range of non-animal chitosan for hair care, skin care, color cosmetics, deodorant and oral care.

Wide applications and strong claims


Derived from mycelium of Aspergillus niger and it’s our classic. With it-s low molecular weight and deacetylation degree over 80%, it is a great film-former, a moisturizing but can also act as a natural preservative.

KiOsmetine P

KiOsmetine P is our latest innovation : a low-molecular weight vegetal chitosan with a whiter color, for formulations which requires a brighter visual aspects. Thanks to its properties, KiOsmetine P is also a great tool to create films.

Interested in collaborating?

We are looking for partners to create and innovate unique formulations for fragrance encapsulation with our KiOsmetine range!