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Slim MED

An innovation for the treatment and prevention of overweight conditions and obesity

A unique lipid binder designed to lower fat intake from diets

Slim MED® ADVANCED is a medical device class IIb that is intended to assist:

  • The treatment of excess weight
  • Weight control

It realizes success by lowering fat intake from the diet and therefore reducing the caloric intake to restore a healthy, energetic balance and support a weight management program.

Scientific Evidence

Ensuring significant weight loss The efficacy of Slim MED® ADVANCED has been proven in a clinical trial: volunteers lost up to 5.9 kg and 8 cm abdominal circumference.

Ref: Single-blind, placebo controlled randomised clinical study of chitosan for body weight reduction; Vandit R Trivedi, Ph D; Milan C Satia; Audrey Deschamps; Véronique Maquet; Ronak B Shah; Padmanabh H Zinzuwadia; Jayesh V Trivedi; Nutritional Journal; Submitted; 2016.